The running society donates a record amount to little Gustav – 5453 euros

During the 107-kilometer running trip Riga-Valmiera, which took place last week, its participants and volunteer helpers collected 5453.10 euros for the guardian angel of the event, eight-year-old Gustavs Marcis Spilva

28 years old competition record is broken

Peteris Grivins and Diana Džaviza's on Saturday Jula 11 won the historic 107-kilometer race Riga-Valmiera, as well as both won gold prizes in the Latvian championship in the 100-kilometer distance,

Riga-Valmiera 107k will take place on 11 July 2020

It is the first day after the end of the state of emergency in the country and we can announce the new date of the charity “Riga-Valmiera” - July 11,

Registration for Riga-Valmiera 107k 2020-06-20 is Open

Registration for 12 th charity ultra-marathon Riga-Valmiera 107 km! This year, too, starts will be given on the magical summer sunshine night at the Freedom Monument in the very heart of Riga. Runners will start their gladiators' walk

IAU BRONZE Labelled race Riga-Valmiera 107km participants will donate to little Gustavs

Gustavs Marcis Spilva is an eight-year-old boy from Vecpiebalga, his mobility from birth is restricted, so members of charity run Riga-Valmiera 107 km and volunteers in cooperation with non-profit organisation

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Running and Walking Race Riga-Valmiera 2020


National championships 100 km



Supervisors of the race: Public-benefit nonprofit corporation “Ultrataka”
Venue: Riga-Valmiera
Date: July 11, 2020
Distance: 107 km
Sum of altitude: ~360 m
Race time: 19 hours


Time Venue Event
22.00-23.00 (July 10) University of Latvia (Raina Boulevard 19) Registration
00.00 (July 11) Monument of Freedom (Riga) Start
07.00-08.00 St.Simon’s Church (Valmiera) Winners expected to arrive
08.00-19.00 St.Simon’s Church (Valmiera) Finishers arrive
18.00-19.00 St.Simon’s Church (Valmiera) Last finishers expected to arrive, awarding ceremony and special bus Valmiera-Riga

Applying for the competition

Age limit: Participants must be at least 18 years old on the day of race.
Maximum number of participants: 107 Latvian and 107 foreign runners.
Registration: at web site, starting from January 1, 2020 until June 30, 2020.

Registration fee:

50 EUR Standard fee
40 EUR Year 2014 – 2019 participants and volunteers
0 EUR Participants of the historic races from years 1989 to 1993 (five years)

Registration fee includes: race number, luggage transportation to the finish, beverages and snacks during the race, live results, certificate, snacks at the finish, and showers.

Upon registration, participants are eligible to obtain a unique souvenir for 15 EUR.


One euro (1 EUR) from each registration fee will be donated to charity for children with special needs.  If number of participants exceeded 107, additional applicants might register for the race with a special donation in amount of 107 EUR, in return, receiving a souvenir and special race number which says “Generous Donor” on it. The registration fee after June 30 deadline will be 107 EUR, and the full amount of it will be transferred to the charity. Participants and volunteers are welcomed to donate any additional sum for the charity, transferring money to the bank account mentioned below.

Donations in cash are not accepted and are not refunded to participants that did not participate in the race.

Those applicants that participated in races from 1989 to 1993 (five years) are eligible to register without a fee, but they are required to show their historical registration card from either of those five years’ races.  Those participants do not have to pay the fee but they are required to register at the same as others.

Volunteers are welcomed to register at:

GDPR: By registering, runners and volunteers agree that their data will be processed for the purpose of participating in the competition and collecting results. Purposes of personal data processing:

  1. Registration and identification of participants.
  2. Production of participant numbers.
  3. Providing participants with organizational and operational information.
  4. Ensuring the safety of participants.
  5. Retention of members’ personal data for statistical purposes in the public interest.

Mandatory Equipment:

  • Security vest with reflective elements;
  • Headlamp;
  • Mobile phone;
  • 20 EUR;
  • Gummy bears (cancelled for 2020)
  • Individual cup for water.

Participants are allowed to use any additional equipment that might benefit to their wellbeing during the race and improve their results – backpack, water bladders, extra pair of socks, and similar.

Registration and Race Numbers

Upon registration:

  • Each participant must show their mandatory equipment and make security deposit (20 EUR in cash), which will be returned at the finish if participant did not use the transportation provided by organizers to evacuate from the race.
  • Participants approve that they will observe road traffic regulations, and that their health condition is relevant for the race with their signature.
  • Participants deposit their luggage for transportation to the finish line.
  • Participants shall fasten their registration numbers in front of their clothing in a visible place.

Course of the Race

The Start of the race will be at midnight (00.00) in front of the Monument of Freedom, near Laima clock.

The route can be found here:

Please be aware that public traffic will not be closed during the race.  Therefore, it is prohibited to cross streets under red lights.

While in Rīga, participants shall use pavement of Brīvības Boulevard, Brīvības street and Brīvības avenue, and the bike way on the right side of the Brīvības avenue.  When participants approach Juglas’ canal, they shall use the underground tunnel to cross the street (before the canal), and continue race on the left side of the street.  It is prohibited to cross white line on the side of the street and run on the motorway!  All participants shall wear security vests with reflective elements and comply with the road traffic regulations at all times.

The distance takes participants through Garkalne, where the first checkpoint will be located.  At the “Sēnīte”, the road A2 becomes A3.  When in Valmiera, participants should use the pavement on the right side of the Rīgas street.

Until 05.00, all participants shall wear headlamps.

During the race, any kind of assistance to participants is prohibited except at the checkpoints. Motorized vehicle can only support participant at the checkpoints, not during the race.

Organizers have rights to disqualify anyone and anytime who does not oblige to road traffic regulations, regulations of the race, or pose any kind of threats to his/her health or to others.

Participants do not have objections to being photographed during the race.

Finish of the race is at the door-handle of the St.Simon’s Church.  Participants are returned their security deposit in amount of 20 EUR at the finishing line.

There will be nine checkpoints during the race, in which the running time and splits will be recorded.  Participants will be provided with some snacks and beverages at the checkpoints. However, participants should be self-sufficient in terms of nutrition and hydration during the race.  Participants are also allowed to use shops or gas stations located on the route to Valmiera.  Several of the checkpoints are located nearby gas stations or twenty-four-hours grocery stores for convenience of runners.  Participants are allowed to store some of their food and drinks in marked packet (in reasonable amounts) at the registration point, which they can receive at the checkpoints upon their request.


Checkpoints Distance till St.Simon’s Church Distance till next checkpoint Distance from the Monument of Freedom Approximate working hours
Start (Monument of Freedom) 107 km 13,5 km 0 km 23.45-00.00
CP0 Turn toTallinn (only time control without water and snacks) 93,4 km 9,2 km 13,5 km 00.30-2.15
CP1 Garkalne (rail way) 84,3 km 13,3 km 22,672 km 01.15-03.45
CP2 Gas station (“Ziemeļu nafta”) 70,9 km 9,6 km 36,013 km 02.15-06.00
CP3 Ragana (Gas station “Virši A” and sign “Valmiera 61”) 61,3 km 9,9 km 45,592 km 02.45-08.00
CP4 Ģīmji (Bus stop) 51,5 km 8,5 km 55,5 km 03.45-09.45
CP5 Brasla (Parking lot at the bridge and sign “Valmiera 42”) 43,0 km 13,1 km 63,929 km  04.15-11.45
CP6 Stalbe (Gas station “Latvijas nafta” and sign “Valmiera 29” 29,9 km 7,4 km 77,038 km 05.15-14.00
CP7  Double-Marathon (Kalnozoli road branch) 22,5 km 9,1 km 84,4 km 05.45-15.45
CP8 Rubene (Pound and Cafe “Little Ansis”) 13,5 km 6,5 km 93,454 km 06.15-16.30
CP9 NC 100km mark (Corner to Limbazi near Kocēni) 6,9 km 6,9 km 100,000 km 07:00-17.45
Finish (St.Simon’s Church) 0 km 0 km 106,927 km 07:45-19.00


Those participants that have decided to use evacuation during the race, shall call to help service (phone number is on the participant’s race number).  Participant is evacuated from the route via car and transported to Valmiera (finish).  The security deposit of 20 EUR is not refunded if participant uses evacuation service.  If the participant is evacuated and transported to Valmiera by his personal support team, the security deposit of 20 EUR is refunded to participant, if he/she informs organizers about it.

After the control time expires and finish point is closed (at 19:00), participants who still will be in the race, will be awaited at the St.Simon’s Church until they finished, and their results will be recorded.

Results and Awarding Ceremony

Results of the race will be published on the web sites and (with splits).  Results of the race “Rīga-Valmiera” will be Latvia’s national championships 100km.

Each finisher will receive a certificate with his/her photo from the race.

Organizers maintain rights to make changes in the regulation of this race.

* Date might be changed due to severe weather conditions (e.g. storm).

Contact information:

Bank account of society “Ultrataka” for donations to children with special needs: Swedbank LV33HABA0551039680571.

Additional Information:

Each participant will receive a bulletin with more detailed information via e-mail one week before the race.