The running society donates a record amount to little Gustav – 5453 euros

During the 107-kilometer running trip Riga-Valmiera, which took place last week, its participants and volunteer helpers collected 5453.10 euros for the guardian angel of the event, eight-year-old Gustavs Marcis Spilva

28 years old competition record is broken

Peteris Grivins and Diana Džaviza's on Saturday Jula 11 won the historic 107-kilometer race Riga-Valmiera, as well as both won gold prizes in the Latvian championship in the 100-kilometer distance,

Riga-Valmiera 107k will take place on 11 July 2020

It is the first day after the end of the state of emergency in the country and we can announce the new date of the charity “Riga-Valmiera” - July 11,

Registration for Riga-Valmiera 107k 2020-06-20 is Open

Registration for 12 th charity ultra-marathon Riga-Valmiera 107 km! This year, too, starts will be given on the magical summer sunshine night at the Freedom Monument in the very heart of Riga. Runners will start their gladiators' walk

IAU BRONZE Labelled race Riga-Valmiera 107km participants will donate to little Gustavs

Gustavs Marcis Spilva is an eight-year-old boy from Vecpiebalga, his mobility from birth is restricted, so members of charity run Riga-Valmiera 107 km and volunteers in cooperation with non-profit organisation

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107 kilometers long “Gladiator walk” was as a weapon in the fight for Latvian independence in time of the third awakening (1989-1993). “Freedom for Latvia” was on participants race numbers. Those are stories wrapped with legends about runners in street shoes and jeans. Unselfish support of locals, sleeping in bus stops and unbeaten track record (08:01:38) achieved by legendary ultrarunner Georgs Jermolajevs.

Race Rīga-Valmiera connects capital city of Latvia with largest city of Vidzeme, which is famous for first Latvian Summer Olympic Games medalist – race walker Jānis Daliņš (silver in 50km race walk, Los Angeles 1932). Emotionally and adventurously fulfilled Latvian ultramarathon unites decades – there are historical participants of first runs together with others.

Singing of national anthem in chorus at the Monument of Freedom and start in midnight under three stars of Milda in center of Riga. Inexhaustible support from volunteers in six checkpoints along the route. Fight between leaders and each participants inner fight and existential questioning. Highway, night, darkness, lorries, fatigue, exhaustion and temptation for Simon. That is 107km long race to St. Simon’s churches door handle with elements of running, walking and crawling.

A bottle of kefir and strudel instead of a medal. Complementary massage after finish. 107 km as a small Latvian version of Spartathlon with mayor if city in start and orchestra in finish. That is the only one race in Latvia with limited amount of participants.  107 participation entries are sold out 107 days before start.

The race was renewed in 2014 and it continues traditions of Latvian ultramarathon running as stage of cup in long distance running. Gladiator walk yesterday, charity today. In 2015 one and a half hundred runners and volunteers donated almost 2200 euros for little girl’s Undīne health. And in 2016 more than 3000 were donated for little Jēkabs dolphin therapies. Charity creates miracles – if in one year Undīne greeted finishers in wheelchair, then this year she arrived on her own feet.

If Undīne can, then so do participants. Each spring they return on route to bring greeting from Milda to Simon. Some participants have made these 107km five and more times. Five ultrarunners have participated in all five renewed Rīga-Valmiera races. The best results in past five years are holding Vita Devjatņikova (9:53:06, 2018) and Konstantīns Biktimirovs (08:18:11, 2018).

The 2018 anniversary race was attended by representatives of 10 countries, including guests from Italy with the experience of Spartatlon and over 25 NATO soldiers from Spain.

Riga - Valmiera race on National Television show "Sporta Studija"