The running society donates a record amount to little Gustav – 5453 euros

During the 107-kilometer running trip Riga-Valmiera, which took place last week, its participants and volunteer helpers collected 5453.10 euros for the guardian angel of the event, eight-year-old Gustavs Marcis Spilva

28 years old competition record is broken

Peteris Grivins and Diana Džaviza's on Saturday Jula 11 won the historic 107-kilometer race Riga-Valmiera, as well as both won gold prizes in the Latvian championship in the 100-kilometer distance,

Riga-Valmiera 107k will take place on 11 July 2020

It is the first day after the end of the state of emergency in the country and we can announce the new date of the charity “Riga-Valmiera” - July 11,

Registration for Riga-Valmiera 107k 2020-06-20 is Open

Registration for 12 th charity ultra-marathon Riga-Valmiera 107 km! This year, too, starts will be given on the magical summer sunshine night at the Freedom Monument in the very heart of Riga. Runners will start their gladiators' walk

IAU BRONZE Labelled race Riga-Valmiera 107km participants will donate to little Gustavs

Gustavs Marcis Spilva is an eight-year-old boy from Vecpiebalga, his mobility from birth is restricted, so members of charity run Riga-Valmiera 107 km and volunteers in cooperation with non-profit organisation

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In the charity race Riga-Valmiera 107km triumphs Kumpiņš and Džaviza

In the last ultra-long run, 138 participants participated in Riga-Valmiera, of which 107 kilometres were performed most quickly by Ainars Kumpins (8:10:50) and Diana Dzaviza (9:26:49), correcting several records.

In the six years since the recovery, running has become a charity event in which, in cooperation with the fund, funds are collected for children with movement disorders in a rehabilitation centre “Poga”. This year, donations are being collected for the treatment of UndineOzolina from the cat’s screaming syndrome and the total amount donated will be announced at a press conference on Tuesday, July 2, in Riga at Selpils Street 2c, premises.

The legendary ultrarun this year marks the 30 year anniversary since its birth in 1989, when it was last three days on the historic Baltic Road. This time, medals at the Latvian Championship (LČ) were also distributed in 100 kilometres.

At midnight at the Freedom Monument, the best track runner, Andris Ronimoiss, gave the start of the competition, and the participants, accompanied by a police escort, went to Valmiera, to pass Milda’s greeting to the door of Simon’s Church, where the result of the finishing is recorded.

There were 42 women and 96 men in the distance, out of whom a third and a quarter of them did not reach the finish, respectively. But most experienced a memorable sunrise on the shortest night of the year and the service of a half-

The quickest participants also fought IN the 100 km transfer of LČ and from the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS) President Arna Lagzdins’ hands the medals and diplomas for the accomplishments. Ainars Kumpins (7:37:46) was the Latvian champion, leaving Sergejs Maslobojevs (8:04:47) and Konstantin Biktimirov (8:22:34) behind him with silver and bronze medals. In the ladies’ competition, gold with a decade-long record in this classical distance was Diana Dzaviza (8:53:52), while silver and bronze were divided in LČ 100 km by the previous winner of Vita Devjatņikova (9:29:53) and Sigita Vace (9:56:51).

In the final kilometres of the run, the leaders remained unchanged, and the first Valmiera, accompanied by the watch car, reached third place last year by the fighting Ainars Kumpins (8:10:50), who corrected the results of last year by half an hour. The doors of the Simon Church in the center of the city were the second reached by Sergejs Maslobojevs (8:43:55), who was the fastest home representative in the Ventspils marathon a week ago. Meanwhile, last year’s winner, Konstantin Biktimirov  (8:56:56), ranked third.

The women’s competition was triumphed by Diana Dzaviza (9:26:49), who lived in Austria, who came from Salacgriva , correcting the track record reached last year, which belonged to the second place cull of Vita Devjatnikova (10:15:13). The third best result, with a new personal track record, was presented by Sigita Vace (10:34:25), who won her previous start three years ago.

Thus, five out of the six winners have enjoyed the taste of victory in this nostriled run, and the tradition has faded that for the sixth consecutive year since it was restored, there are new competition winners. On which, although the absolute track record of the 1992 Georg Jermolajev (8:01:38) has fallen for the second consecutive year.

The only professional athlete, Agnese Pastare (13:36:53), who also started the Olympic Games in London and Rio, was also beaten by the long distance in the eighth place.

The eighth run at the age of 68 was beaten by the legendary Victor Suborin (17:45:41), who ran twice as fast as he helped the track record to reach the still 27-year outcome. His best result (8:03:45) remains the second-fastest race in 30 year history. Meanwhile, the youngest member, Elina Kremere, (19:46:31), is 18 years young. For the sixth consecutive year the race was beaten by Martin Sirmais and Dmitrijs Nicipors, who, along with the quickest lady, Diana Dzaviza, won the sprint in the final seven kilometres of the race, meeting a special award from and Inov-8.

Last year, more than €4,000 was collected by race participants and volunteer assistants for the treatment of Krista Spirge at the Children’s Rehabilitation Centre. This year, products are being collected for the treatment of Undine Ozoliņa from the cat’s screaming syndrome.

Tuesday 2 July 18.00 at the premises of the fund will be the closing event of the Riga- Valmiera 107 km running event, which will announce the amount donated this year and will be able to meet with the competition lauretātiem, as well as the volunteer assistants and the most generous donors.

Running Riga-Valmiera is supported by Valmiera Municipality, Sportland, Coca-Cola, Smiltene Milk, with Inov-8, Amserv with Lexus, Valmiermuja malt drink Golden Horse, Stirnubuk with Platforms Timing,, ar Maurten, Isostar, Sportlat, Apotheka, Eugesta park, Latvijas Dzelzceļš.